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Mediterranean cuisine

Mediterranean cuisine - is not a simple sum of the culinary traditions and recipes of the countries of the Mediterranean region. Each kitchen - classic French and world famous Italian kitchen, elegant Spanish or the substantial Serbian kitchen – is a pearl itself. How different flavors and combinations interweave, so also the kitchens do: in the north of Italy Hungarian goulash soup is still be prepared and Spanish cuisine is inconceivable without the Arabic influence. Balanced use of qualitative local products, multiplied by the age-old culinary tradition, is assepted to call «Mediterranean diet».

Couscous in North Africa or Spanish corn, Italien artichokes, or gigantic Greek olives –in each Mediterranean contry there are their own famous local products, but there are also those who are used anywhere on the Mediterranean coast. It is an expanse of fresh herbs, vegetables and fruits, but also legumes and cereals; a lot of fish and marine reptiles. And of course the Mediterranean cooking is impossible without olive oil, balsamic vinegar and rich wine with a fruity aftertaste.

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Mediterranean cuisine

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