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Montenegrin cuisine

Montenegrin cuisine is a Balkan modification of Mediterranean cuisine. Typical for most countries of the region is the accent on fish and seafood. Trout in kaymak (clotted cream), stuffed squids, baked local carp, eel with rice, tricky fish soups... At the same time a significant part of Montenegrin diet is represented by meat dishes. Primarily, the dishes prepared on the grill or over an open fire: Serbian sausages of pork and beef - ćevapi, spiced meat patty - pleskavica, local version of shashlik - ragniči. Some of the dishes are baked on the usual pan, other dishes need a special iron cover called sach, which is surrounded by coals and ash.

Besides neighbor of Montenegro - Italy exerts a significant influence on Montenegrin cuisine. Lots of national restaurants in Montenegro offer different kinds of pasta, polenta, risotto and other Italian food. Also Greek specialities are in restaurants menus. So every cuisine of European part of Mediterranean region represents the result of mixing of different gastronomic traditions.

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