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Robertas Lukianskis chef of restaurant «Montenegro»

Mediterranean cuisine is interesting to me, including the fact that there is a lot of fish and seafood in it. I love to cook fish - very differently. When I'm in my homeland Lithuania, I am fishing. How long I can remember back, always fresh fish soap was cooked right on the bonfire.

I have traveled a lot in the Mediterranean countries, I think, than the philosophy of the countries is close to me. I cook basing on canonical recipes, but supply them with my own approach to the products and techniques.

Modern guest is very tempted and gastronomically savvy due to the universal culinary literacy and frequent travels around the world. In a Spanish restaurant beside paella the guest is also excepting the duck confit in the French manner, and in a Japanese restaurant he or she requires local fresh fish. Modern Gastronomy – is The Tower of Babel with hundreds of combinations of flavors and interpretations.

That's why the modern chef has to take a classical recipe and reinterpret it according to local products, his cooking experience and professional intuition.

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